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AI Linda enables people to turn personal goals into measurable actions. A gentle nudge from Linda will help any learner quickly and easily reach their goals, without feeling any pressure.

The service is easy to use and doesn’t require any additional software. Microsoft is our supporting partner, and together we can offer you an excellent user experience.



Maximize learning


Minimize forgetting

How I Work



You tell me what you want to learn and I will be your personal assistant for the next 54 days. I promise to improve your learning.



I use 7 years of research information collected by the AI Linda team. I will double check that you learn more efficiently and achieve your goals.



I’ve been tested in collaboration with The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the results of the study prove that the method increases recall and learning ability up to 70 %.


"Linda received an excellent score of 4,2/5 as a personal supporter in our instructor training. The development plans stayed current and it was easier to reflect on them almost on a daily basis."

Mari Leino, Competence Development Manager


"Linda AI has been able to meet a clear demand. We've already in practice discovered that innovation like Linda AI brings added value to learning."

Micke Alho, Academic Territory Channel Manager

Microsoft of Education

”Linda’s sequential behavior is great to achieve valuable goals.It really makes you think at which point of the learning experience you are achieving your goal."

Aslak De Silva, CEO

Nordic Business Forum

”Linda offers support to students throughout their learning process and a chance for teachers to track progress”

Riina Pulkkinen, Lead Research Expert


"AI Linda is really a good thing, I don't forget the most important thing I promised. I can control myself and self-evaluate where we go."

Kari Kiiskinen, Store Manager

Onninen Express Oy

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